1. Anonymous said: just found my own post on here... i didn't submit it!?!?!? IS THIS NORMAL, WEBMD!?

    Personal fear: finding my post as a submission on my own blog.

  2. Anonymous said: Will i not be able to submit anything else?

    You can, and they may or may not get posted eventually… The blog is in the middle of an attempted transition to 2019.

  3. Anonymous said: This blog has made my night omg this is literally every single "Class of _______ '18" page and I love it thank you guys so so much <3

    We love you!

  4. Anonymous said: Is this going to turn into "acceptedco2019?" I would love to work on that.

    It is! Just hang in there, we’re still waiting on the new team to take over.

  5. Anonymous said: Is this blog over now cause it was so funny :(???

    A new crew is taking over, so don’t unfollow just yet! Details to come.

  6. Where In The World Are We Going To College?

    Moderators (thanks for all your support and filtering):

    Pomona College, Macalester College, Wesleyan University

    Admins (thanks for your wit and endless humor, you rock):

    Kenyon College, Washington University in St. Louis, Northwestern University, Harvard University

    Founder (me):

    University of Chicago

    FUCKING GO MAROONS. Follow me on Insta @kim_vu. It’s been real. Best of luck to the entire Class of 2018 in college. <3

  7. Carnegie Mellon University

    Hey guys! My name is Marvin*!
    10 facts about me:
    1. I am super outgoing and I love to dance!
    2. I loooove Beyoncé. 
    3. I plan on playing club volleyball. 
    4. I was once on trial for murder. 
    5. I’m a really picky eater!
    6. CMU was my top choice! 
    7. It’s not that I don’t believe the holocaust happened, but come on doesn’t it seem a little far fetched?
    8. I speak fluent Russian. 
    9. I have spent the last 7 years training in spear throwing (don’t ask me why)
    10. I play piano but I don’t plan on continuing in college.

    I’m still looking for a roommate so hmu
    Can’t wait to meet y’all! Go mellons!

  8. Cornell University

    OP: Harvard promotes child sex slaves and they eat cat food
    Commenter: How can a school eat cat food
  9. Wesleyan University

    YO wesleyan hey hi whatsup? My name is Marvin* but u can call me the great lion of the west b/c that’s what all my friends say (not really hahah, funny right?) I was accepted early decision, my mom says im usually pretty good at making deciisons so this was a no-brainer 4 me. i guess u all wanna kno my interests rihgt? This is almost like eharmony ha (NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW. IVE NEVER USED EHARMONY) ((har-money over harmony)). I love walking barefoot on concrete/asphalt, makes me feel connected with my community. it would be cool if riding goats was a common way to get around places. i like to live life 2 the fullest in 720p. i usually hit the crossfit 5-6 days/week so u could say im pretty big (pics on demand). kanye west is my favorite band, i have all their albums on CD. While at westleyan i want to study art history and mid-evil studies (don’t tell my parents tho- they think im going 2 some pre-med program in new england roflmao). Can’t wait to c u guys on campuss, hmu if u wanna b roommates (no hemophiliacs please)


  10. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    We may have only met for a short time, but “Squidwardscissorhands” whoever you are, we just want you to know we miss you. Please come back, we miss you in the Cards Against Humanity game. 

    Squid is love, Squid is life. 
    Live Love Squid

  11. Princeton University

    I wonder how many other future Princetonians frequently lie sleepless in bed at night, haunted by their thoughts. Insomnia perhaps.
  12. University of Central Florida

    I’m sure most of you are into the party scene, so I have a question for the rest of you:
    Any socially-awkward, introverted nerds out there? Does the thought of a get-together make you cringe and want to retreat to your room and binge watch Netflix? Did the majority of your high school class think you were a serial killer? If so, let’s be friends. NERDS UNITE!
  13. Princeton University

    There is no casual painting at Princeton. It’s hardcore out there.

  14. Tufts University

    Just wondering if we would get another package about housing and clubs and all that good stuff…? Maybe..? ‪#‎PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE‬
  15. University of Chicago

    Hey guys! I’m a theatre-bio-calculus-geek who’s ready to start school and get to know everyone. Anyone else have a secret penchant for hip hop dancing..? 
    *Fun Fact* I know almost all the types of cheeses and can distinguish them in a blind taste-test. 
    See you in September!

Accepted! Cheers to the Class of 2018.
(Yeah. The "co" stands for class of.)

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