1. Accepted 2019?

    Hey everyone,

    Unsure if anyone still looks at this blog, but we’re looking for someone to take over this blog for the class of 2019. Shoot us an email if you’re interested with a short blurb about who you are and we’ll hand the thing over.

    Thanks for sticking around this long. Also thanks to those of you who recognized me on campus. You make me feel like less of a loser. -heart emoji-.

  2. 0nlyani said: wait where and you going next year!!? Stanford over cal or were you joking?


  3. Colby College

    Hey guys! Marvin* here! 

    10 facts about me:
    1. I sleep in the fetal position
    2. I love to dougie 
    3. I plan on playing varsity chess for NESCAC
    4. Netflix and nutella are my best friends!!
    5. I was picking between Princeton and Colby but realized I loved Waterville, Maine 
    6. I speak fluent English 
    7. I recently purchased a mule to prove my allegiance to Colby
    8. For all you boys out there hmu if you want a cuddle filled night of netflix and nutella (617) 583-2800
    9. I’m such a klutz, it’s not even funny
    10. I LUV you all already!!!!

    Really cant wait for the next 4 yours together!!!!


    hmu with your neopet names!!

  4. Barnard College

  5. University of Pennsylvania

    Are human brains part of your routine alimentary cravings? Most likely not. Therefore, we’re not zombies. Case solved. Check mate. Bingo. Good night.
  6. New York University

    Do you think it is risky to run illegal fish trading out of your dorm room? I’ve built this from the ground up and I don’t want it to go down like my pornography studio.
  7. University of Chicago

    Just finished Alcohol Edu in one sitting… I need a drink.
  8. Dickinson College

    so….. this really isnt an academically involved question. but does anyone know how to get throw up smell/stains out of a car???? I got MOST of the stains out with soap and water. but theyre still there. and the smell…. so please.. if you have ANY SOLUTION comment on this
    Turn up or transfer
  9. Princeton University

    When do we check into our dorms? booking flights right now and don’t want to arrive to find I have to sleep on the streets. Would the 3rd be ok?
  10. Brown University

    It’s a funny story, really – I only found out Brown was a university 2 weeks ago. I thought I was applying to the Brown Rehabilitation Centre in Southfield, MI! Now look where I am… Bloody autocorrect. Guess I’ll have to deal with my crippling heroin addiction on my own then. Good luck, future roommate…
  11. Anonymous said: Can I be part of the new team? Like can I apply or something?

    Contact information for the new team will be up when we figure out who they are.

  12. University of Chicago

    Greatest day in the history of Cleveland or Greatest day in the history of Cleveland? There’s no wrong answer when LBJ is involved.


  13. Princeton University

    Okay, Princeton. It’s been finals week and I need a good laugh. What’s the dumbest little thing you’ve ever done? Once I had to ask how to spell my name on a standardized test in seventh grade.
  14. Case Western Reserve University

  15. Towson University

    Forgot your porn tab there, buddy.

Accepted! Cheers to the Class of 2018.
(Yeah. The "co" stands for class of.)

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